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Data Science

As we start gathering exponential amounts of data from multiple sources and multiple channels. It is becoming increasing important and increasingly complicated to design and develop a cohesive and comprehensive mechanism to make sense and derive tangible insights and benefits from the data. At Ennovision, with our start small approach. We work with clients to narrow down on the most useful business cases to apply data science, get definite output, help bring business and customer efficiencies. Thereby directly impacting the bottom line. All with a flexible and tailor made approach to suit every budget.

As they say, without a proper strategy and specific goals in mind, “Data Science can be a long-winded journey, culminating into a black hole”.

You think you can do something valuable with data, but don’t know what to do. We work with you to imagine all that is possible, assess what is feasible, and develop an execution plan.
You need to augment your internal team’s capabilities with data science to better solve important business problems and make more informed decisions. We provide you with experts to work alongside your team.
You have a business opportunity to build a product or platform that uses data as a resource. We provide you with an experienced, agile team and the right set of tools to get it done fast.
You understand that having a data-driven culture is important for your business. We help your organization learn how to fluently speak data science and integrate it into daily operations.


Businesses large and small inevitably waste resources solving data-related problems only to realize that the result doesn’t actually help the business. A recent survey of IT professionals revealed that 55% of “big data” projects are never completed.
To avoid this, we practice the business-centered design process: planning, building, testing, and iterating as quickly as possible. We recognize that goals crystallize during the problem solving process, and we transition from quick, low-fidelity sketches and experiments to robust, higher-fidelity prototypes only as we learn more. We plan by doing, using tiny pieces of work to zero in on the most useful problems to solve. In our experience, it’s the only way to consistently produce truly transformative data science results.


We’re a small firm with an open culture and an extremely customer centric approach
We work in open collaboration with our clients to find meaningful opportunities for them and their customers. We focus on tangible business outcomes—so that, at the end of the day, your organization and customers can benefit.


Data science done right is capable of transforming products, processes, or policies.
Our team is built to help you gain a data-driven perspective and see your business differently, making innovation not only possible but imminent.

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