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Modern technologies have evolved over time, this brought in a huge revolution on how business cycles evolved, and new innovations were implemented to meet business requirements. With this inherent risks also increased, this is where real time testing plays an important part. Any new technologies have to be thoroughly vetted before it goes live and being used by end consumers. At Ennovision we have developed a team with strong testing skills to help our clients go through the grind of making sure their systems and solutions are robust and fit for purpose.

Key Differentiators
Test Management
We help our client’s in setting up a dedicated Testing Center of Excellence (CoE), to identify and build competency in emerging frameworks, specific to testing. Thereby allowing them to customise and utilise these frameworks for specific requirements.
On Demand Testing Services
We provide On Demand test resources at Onsite, near shore or from our remote development centers. Clients can use the service either on a project by project basis, one-off test engagement, or can buy credits which can be used as and when the project requires it. Thus ensuring a continued availability of resources, while keeping the project finances and management overheads low.

Managed Test Services

Managed Test Services (MTS) is an end-to-end, fully customisable service, aimed at providing the test organisation, processes and environment to address major testing challenges and achieve optimum results both at enterprise or program level. Our flexible teams of testing professionals are cross-trained in multiple technologies and can be scaled up or down on demand - allowing client's to meet fluctuating resource requirements. At Ennovision we have a collaborative approach to sourcing testing and QA services, thereby helping our clients to achieve the best results without them having to manage the day to day operations and undertake huge overheads that are required for such operations. Key benefits of working with Ennovision will be:
  • Shorter testing cycle times
  • Lesser defect leakage into production
  • Lower cost of testing investment
  • Reduced involvement of scarce business users in testing

Cloud Testing Service

With the steadily increasing use of the internet, and the escalating speed at which technologies are advancing, the importance of Web and Mobile Based Applications Testing is huge. Ennovision offers an OnDemand Cloud Testers service – a perfect solution to the rapidly changing technologies associated with web and mobile based applications Key benefits:
  • Our Cloud Testers service is a fully managed, hand selected team of UK and India based professionals working to a schedule that fits with any project or business need. The service is unrivalled, with extensive testing experience available from our secured delivery centers across UK and India. Clients can use the service either on a project by project basis, one-off test engagement, or can buy fixed price credits which can be used as and when the project requires it.
  • Based remotely or On Site, our resources provide the flexibility that only an OnDemand solution can deliver, whilst ensuring security and quality are not compromised via access through a secure VPN solution.
  • The flexible approach means that resources are only used when needed, ensuring that the service is not a constant drain on project finances. Additionally, automation is available to drive further efficiencies for multiple engagements.

Software and Application Testing

Ennovision's Software and Application Testing Service covers all aspects of testing from Reviewing Test Strategy to Test Execution and Reporting and is designed to not only improve the quality of your project but reduce the overall time to production without a major impact on your budget. Using the knowledge and experience of our highly trained and specialist test resources, we are able to provide test services for a wide range of applications and software – from standalone applications to enterprise-wide systems. Examples of test services provided are:
  • Smoke Testing – to evaluate if the system is ready for full Testing to commence
  • System Testing – to ensure that the developed system functions as per business specifications
  • Integration Testing – to verify that each individual component integrates correctly with all other relevant components
    • Regression Testing – to confirm that changes introduced do not have a detrimental effect on existing code and functionality
    • Automation Testing – using test tools to create a framework that can automatically verify the functionality of a solution
    • Performance Testing – to ensure that the response times and overall performance of the developed solution is acceptable to the client/users
  • User Acceptance Testing – asking end users to verify that the delivered solution meets their requirements
  • Operational Acceptance Testing – to ensure the operational readiness of the solution
  • Defect management – managing the end to end process of raising, prioritising, removing and retesting defects
  • Compatibility Testing – to ensure that applications work correctly in multiple browser/operating system combinations

Performance Testing

"Change is the only thing constant' goes an old idiom and this holds true in modern organisations than anywhere else. Managing the performance of an application environment is one of the biggest challenges faced by all the enterprises today." No single approach or tool to any application monitoring can provide a complete picture of the performance measure. When we engage with our clients we aim to develop a comprehensive solution to provide greater insight into application performance and its overall architecture. This is only possible by viewing application from multiple perspectives. This involves in assimilating data / information from multiple sources, analysing this data to identify challenges and develop appropriate solutions to improve performance of application and take action to prevent future problems. This is typically a continuous activity that helps in benchmarking and sustaining the performance levels of the OS, network, application and the database layers in a given application environment. At ETS Our Performance Engineering staff come from deep technical and technology consultancy backgrounds, enabling us to gain a full understanding of your application, architecture, infrastructure and network, allowing us to adopt the most effective and realistic performance engineering approach along with understanding performance bottlenecks and how to fix these. Our test experts work along with the development teams helping to identify performance and stability problems while a system or application is still being developed, maximising its effectiveness and minimising time and costs.

Test Automation

Industries are precisely moving to performance and security focused Automation Testing in a bid to cut down the risks associated with externalities in a test project; like time-to-market, dearth of expert automation tester resources, test coverage, keeping core business functions sacrosanct, human errors, support agile manifesto, etc. Test automation facility enables human-free control over the execution of tests and subsequent comparison between the actual results and the predicted consequences. At Ennovision our approach to Test Automation provides our clients with practical and tangible solutions that deliver a real return on investment by reducing the costs of testing. We ensure that you have a working framework with reusable assets in the shortest period of time possible, enabling you to quickly reduce the time taken to execute regression packs. Our solution is easy to implement and can be maintained with as much or as little assistance as you require. Our team consists of highly trained specialists who have experience in all the major tool sets from vendor-based products such as HP QTP to open source tools such as Selenium. These specialists are highly capable of understanding your requirement and designing a framework which is not bound by any specific tool or approach but seamlessly fits your business and testing needs. We provide a component-based approach to our service delivery that allows us to proactively work with you to design the service that meets your specific needs.
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