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The characteristics of an optimised Data model are : Performance, Scalability and High availability.

Almost every company worth its salt now talks about Big Data in every breath they take, the early adopters have been able to ride the wave and work their way around the challenges to identify new opportunities for growth.
For most legacy companies, including traditional retailers and High street banks, the adoption and therefore the success of Big Data Analytics has been severely restricted. With three-fourths of them achieving even less than 1 % of revenue increment or cost improvement, having implemented Analytics in some shape and form, within the business. The start-ups however, are flourishing with the early adoption and Big Data Analytics and whilst making it a foundation of their businesses.

The 4 key elements comprising BIG DATA are the 4 V’s:
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At Ennovision, we found 6 impeding factors to the slow adoption and realization of Big Data and Analytics

  • The businesses failure to appreciate the potential of big data analytics. Considering there aren’t enough immediate financial returns to justify additional investments. 
  • Ability to tie down the often scattered, structured and unstructured data coming from multiple channels from within and outside the organization.
  • Shortage of skills and resources.
  • The lack of understanding and confidence in the analytics and there-fore the hesitation to employ it.
  • The rigidity of the organizational structure and processes impeding advancements in analytics and automation.
  • Here’s our approach to address them

    Help design a short to medium term strategy around the fast-evolving landscape of data analytics.
    Outcome Based Approach
    Assess, pick up and run POCs on business cases that could bring relatively quicker returns on investment.
    Flexible and Scalable
    Provide the flexibility of having experienced teams and latest tools on demand with minimum to no upfront investment.



    At Ennovision, we’ve been helping clients to conceptualise and build data lakes, that are a single source of truth for all enterprise data. Our accelerators not only help us build data lakes but help us deliver in months, as against years!
    As your strategic partner in the journey to realize the true power of data, Ennovision helps with:

    1. Business Workshops: Still trying to device a strategy to optimise data driven decisions. Our in-house experts, with over 20 years of global consulting experience can conduct on premise workshops to access the current business processes, areas of optimisation and a technology roadmap to align.
    2. Technology Strategy: Ready with your use cases- We deliver the strategy and implementation roadmap based on your requirements.
    3. Enterprise Architecture – We design and develop the architecture, based on your current requirements and future scalability
    4. Data Engineering – We design and develop data pipelines for continuous ingestion and processing of data for analytics
    5. Reporting and Dashboards. 


    Are you worried about:
    1. Missing an end-to-end unified view of data quality from multiple data sources.
    2. No system to measure data quality in streaming mode through self-service.
    3. Absence of a shared platform and API service.
    4. Resource underutilisation – different teams performing same data quality checks.

    Ennovision’s self-serving data Quality management framework, performs data validation and unifies processes to measure and report for data asset quality.

    Features and Benefits:



    Greater access to data has the potential to give business leaders real, valuable insights into the inner workings of their organisations. Staying ahead of the curve in utilising the right kinds of data for the right purposes is paramount to better customer engagement, improved decision-making and a more productive business.

    Our mission is to empower business through centralised data analytics and self-service business intelligence reporting.

    Our Big Data and analytics experts work on:

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